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  • Custom Cat-Back Systems
  • Motorhome Performance Exhausts
  • Heavy Equiptment Exhaust Repairs
  • Custom Mandrel Bent Tailpipes
  • Custom Hangers
  • Large Selection of Tips
  • Side Exit Exhausts 
  • Dual Exhausts
  • Exhaust for High Horsepower Racecars
  • High Flow Catalytic Converters
  • H Pipes & X Pipes
  • Y Pipes
  • Resonators & Silencers
  • 02 Sensor Bung Installs 
  • Manifold Repairs & Replacements 
  • Header Installs & Modifications
  • Custom Bumper Cutouts 
  • Electric Cutouts 
  • Mandrel Diesel Systems up to 5"
  • Custom Downpipes for Turbo Cars
  • Broken Bolt & Stud Extraction
  • Flex Pipe Repairs & Intalls

The exhaust specialists at Sonny's Muffler & Auto can custom build an exhaust system for any kind of vehicle. We service all makes and models, both foreign and domestic, from cars, trucks & RVs, to hot rods, classic cars, farm equipment and off road vehicles. Our custom bent dual exhaust and cat-back systems can be built for maximum performance, economy, or back to factory specs. We allow our customer to decide the diameter of pipe, muffler type, tailpipe location, tip and over look and sound of their exhaust. We will take the time to ensure each customer gets exactly the results they are looking for. 


Whether your looking for a quiet stock replacement muffler or a muffler to set off every car alarm you pass, you've come to the right place. We have one of the largest inventory of mufflers, resonators & tips in North County. 

Our most popular performance mufflers we sell are chambered mufflers, straight through mufflers, and turbo mufflers. In most cases, chambered mufflers are going to be the most aggressive sounding mufflers, followed closely behind by straight through mufflers. Turbo mufflers are the quietest of the three while still retaining decent flow characteristics. 

If your not into making a lot of noise and just want to make your factory car quiet again then we would recommend a stock replacement muffler. Stock replacement mufflers are by far the quietest muffler when compared to any of the performance mufflers that we carry. We keep stock replacement mufflers in stock for almost every vehicle!

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