Does your car sounds loud when you first start it in the morning and as you drive it starts to quiet down? This is the number one sign of a cracked manifold. Manifolds crack because of too much heat and exhaust trying to flow through too small of crevices. The manifold will sound loud when you first start the vehicle because the crack is very large, but as the manifold heats up it will expand and close the gap and most of the sound will go away. If you are experiencing this it is important to get your manifold repaired or else it could lead to even more expensive issues, such as ruining the catalytic converters and causing the engine sensors to read incorrect data. 

Headers & Manifolds

In most cases we are able to remove the manifold from the vehicle, resurface and weld the crack, replace the gasket and install the manifold back on the vehicle. This saves our customers quite a bit of money vs. having to purchase a new manifold. In some cases the manifold may be cracked so badly that it is not advised to try welding it because chances are that it will break again, in these cases the manifold would need to be replaced. Some of our customers use this opportunity to upgrade to a set of headers. Not only do headers not usually crack like manifolds, but they increase the performance of your vehicle while at the same time improving your vehicles gas mileage. They do this by extracting the exhaust from your engine in a smoother less restrictive way, thus reducing head buildup and effort from your engine. 

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